Dating old coffee pots

Maybe I can use this information one day (hope is what gets us all going!) And maybe it can help some of you to avoid making a big mistake.Any cooking utensil with stains of unknown origin, white lime deposits, or brown discolorations from mineral-heavy water may come clean if you boil peeled potatoes or a teaspoon of baking soda in it.(If the stain is on the outside or the piece isn't a cooking vessel in the first place, boil it in a bigger pot.) Enamelware with stubborn stains may benefit from an overnight soak in one part white vinegar mixed with three parts water.If that doesn't work, soak it in chlorine bleach and water until the stains disappear.

Lalance and Grosjean coined Agate Iron Ware for one of its products; the St.

(That's how I would feel too, so don't send me any pictures.) However, as that person was taking a break and stepped outside the room, Teaparker shook his head to tell us that none of these were real.

Like with tea, you are the best judge to know what you like or not.

Teaparker didn't openly tell him if a teapot is antique or not. I guess he doesn't want to get into trouble with the seller.

To avoid this, he tried to get this person to find out by himself if it was fake or real.

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